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Advancing Profitable Science
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& Associates
Patent Law

Dr. Petrakis creates groundbreaking patents and counsels research institutions as well as independent inventors, representing their interests before the US Patent & Trademark Office.

He foresaw the cure of cancer by cancer-enzyme inhibitors, proposing cancer-selective tyrosine-kinase inhibitors 30 years ago. Today, “targeted therapies” drive cancer research and care.

His scientific research spans invented chemical reactions, complex chemical synthesis, drug discovery and environmental remediation.  His teaching spans organic, physical and biological chemistry.

He is interested in the evolution of education, intellectual property law, strategy, and dispute resolution.

Dr. Petrakis has been licensed to practice before the US Patent & Trademark Office in patent cases since 1999.  He is admitted to practice in New York State (1999).  

He was a Postdoctoral Researcher, U. of Chicago and Rockefeller U.; Senior Scientist, Monsanto and Schering Plough; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Tulane U.; Law Clerk, Pennie & Edmonds.

He holds doctorate degrees in both Chemistry from MIT and law from Fordham, with a BS in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon.
Dr. Konstantinos Petrakis