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Patent Law

As in cancer and chemical research previously, we see the unseen and use it, in science and technology creation, in patent procurement, in client counseling. Thus, we create invaluable intellectual property, easily.

We specialize in company creation via IP creation in the life and physical sciences.


We prepare and prosecute patent applications and manage patent portfolios in fields of Chemistry, Drug Discovery & Development, Disease Therapy Development, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Chemical, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Medicine, Genetics, Plant Sciences, Food & Nutrition, Water & Air Purification, Environmental Remediation, “Cleantech,” “Greentech,” etc.


Launching a new product, a new venture, brings forth questions of science, technology, business, law and strategy.  What technology, what IP, is necessary? When, how, should IP be procured? What is the easily winning strategy, scientifically, legally, commercially?

We answer questions strategically, conducting validity, infringement and freedom-to-operate analyses; performing due-diligence investigations; developing strategy to enhance revenue and IP value; transforming the new product, new venture, to economic preeminence.  


We solve Research & Development problems in fields of Chemistry, Drug Discovery & Development, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology, Food & Nutrition, and Environmental Remediation.
Advancing Profitable Science
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Creating Intellectual Property Easily